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OAK Beard Care | Berlin at it’s best


The well-known products from OAK are the hautevolee of the beard products.  Made of the best ingredients, are they giving beards the best possible care. Not only that they are of highest quality, they also are luxurious and lavishly and smell delicious. 

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My new Beard Comb


I have about three beard brushes and I always use a brush after taking a shower and washing my beard during showering. It is great working in a conditioner and after that the beard oil into the beard.

Gentlemen’s Circle | An oasis for gents with style


Gentlemen experience a renaissance these days. Metrosexuality has passed away and men can be men again and do what men like to do. Going to the barber to get a decent haircut or a beard trim, visiting the tailor to get a smart suit or an elegant shirt. Having a decent man-talk with a good glass of whisk(e)y and a great cigar.

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A hatter who sells caps in my size :)


I have a small head (but a large brain 😉 ). My hat size is 55. I love flat caps. I have a hard time finding cool flatcaps  in y size. Flat caps are very fashionable in Berlin and so there are quite a few shops which offer them.

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Proraso beardoil


From the traditional italian  company Proraso, which was founded in 1908 and produces high quality grooming products for gentlemen with demands and style, I use already the shaving soap and te beard balm.

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Female barbers? Crap!


Izt might be chauvinistic to say that women have nothing to do with a man’s beard, but it is the way I feel about it. Male hairdressers are very able to do a woman’s coiffure, but a woman is not able to groom a man#s beard. Period! And I know what I am talking about! In berlibn there’s a barber shop named M Room.

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Auerbach in Berlin. A heaven full of beautiful accessories


As one might have noticed, I am a guy who is quite fond about fashion and I like my own kind of dandy style. it is my individual interpretation of this style and not everyone might like it, but I do and so it is fine 🙂 I love to combine items that don’t fit together when considering the classic rules. But rules are there to be broken, right 🙂