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Some hotkeys:

  • Arrow keys to navigate (slide on touch devices)
  • H = highlight any code snippets
  • P = toggle speaker notes (if any)
  • F = fullscreen viewing
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  • O = see an overview
  • ESC = toggles off these goodies


On this site you’ll see a presentation held on a workshop about Fiori. Here the Fiori launchpad, the Fiori Apps and their features wil be explained. This site is an exact copy of the Powerpoint I used during the workshop. Such presentations are never complete and therefor this site will be updated several times, according to the changes made in the Powerpoint file.

This index page and the contact form are the only pages without these functions.

To navigate through the „foils“ (this site has the usability  of a Powerpoint file) you can use the arrow keys, on a touch screen you can swipe with your finger. On a device with no touch screen, you can use your cursor to swipe through the foils. Of course you can also use the arrows at the sides of the foils 🙂