My name’s Rob and I am an experienced web developer with more than 10 years of UI/UX experience. Since two years I am exploring the world of the new interface design of SAP, called Fiori and develop the corresponding SAPUI5 apps, which enable working with SAP on mobile devices.

I still meet a lot of people (also people who work with SAP) who are not really sure about what Fiori and SAPUI5 are. So on this presentation-site I want to show you what it is all about.

The site works like a PowerPoint presentation. You can drag the slides with your cursor (or your finger on a touch screen) or use the arrow keys to browse through the content back and forth. As an additonal help you’ll see arrow icons at the right and the left side of each slide. To start just click any arrow key. Of course this site is also neat,  pretty and comfortable to use on mobile devices 😉

I hope you like the presentation and I also hope that it brings some light into the darkness.

Enjoy and regards, Rob