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The world of interface and user experience design is continuous changing. Trends come and quickly, they disappear again from the design stage.

Some of them are like “Do we really need this?” (Long shadows was one of them) and some are really exciting.

And a really exciting new trend are cinemagraphs…

What are cinemagraphs? In fact nothing new. To articulate it blunt, cinemagraphs are good old GIF files.

I remember the time when I had my first website (with table layouts!!!) when there were billions of animated GIFs which were downloaded by everybody (times were not so restricitive in those days)and added to every website in the internet.

Those GIFs were loud, colourful and hysterical bling-bling, running across the screen and showing other strange behaviours. But the web was new and websites were magic. So we all loved the fascinating features web design enabled for us to explore. One may forgive us, because we didn’t know what we were doing 🙂

Have a look and get an idea of how websites were “designed” twenty years ago.




Each website was crammed with those animations and surfing was quite a nervous experience.

But the web and the design of websites became mature and nowadays websites are more and more web apps.

And like in fashion, trends always come back. And now, in 2017, the GIF has found it’s place again in the, now mature, world of interfaces.

So let’s not use the word GIF anymore. Because GIFs were made of multiple images piled up on layers who were activated like a flick-book we used to love in our childhood.

Cinemagraphs are actually short videos (+/- 3-5 seconds) who are converted into an image with the GIF format. Those images are way more elegant, subtle. The animation is often very minimalisitic and one often sees it at second glance first. You’ll have to click the thumbnails to see the effects. By resizing a GIF file, the animation will be gone.


As one can see, the animations are created in small, minimalistic details of the photo. Personally, I find these cinemagraphs one of the most beautiful and aestethic new trens, I have seen for a long time.


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