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In our digital world, it’s quite a demanding task to give customers a personal feeling. A bit like it used to be before e-commerce was born. Our parent used to buy in a store and were assisted by a person. When visiting a store more often, or even regular, the business relation would change into a more personal connection and the conversation would be less formal.

Maybe personal subjects would be a part of the sale and purchase process. Like I wrote in another post, this is also something customers want when buying online. Of  course, it’s impossible to speak to every single customer over a virtual platform, but there are other and new ways to show customers, that they’re important and regarded as humans. I already wrote about H2H.

The world is changing and people are also. They  evolve new demands towards their needs and expectations about products and service. You can read more details about this here.

One important and great way, to interact with customers, are social platforms. They are popular and people spend time on Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter® and Pinterest®, just to name a few.

To make it short, customers want to feel like Kings and Queens again.

“The customer is king”

This is an old phrase, but it still fits perfectly. Also for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar commerce. Digitalization has to take place in both areas and gives consumers a wealth of options and opportunities.

Therefore, customers have become very demanding, when it comes to their needs and expectations. They expect to get what they want easily, quick and with a great customer experience achieved by a great customer journey (on and offline).


Companies, which perform a digital transformation, should invest time and effort to explore this field. To make sure, that the revenues will increase by focussing on their customer which must become fans, to  be successful.

If you’re doing your homework, your customers might even become fans. In this post I’ve written an article about this subject.

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