Europe is a frightened little girl

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In Germany, there’s a lot of talk about the demands of consumers which are changing.

Loads of articles, endless theory and no action.

One of the demands is personalized service. People are done with liveless websites where there is no personal interaction. That’s why here social marketing is becoming very important. 

Voice control, micro design interfaces, live chats are what people want more and more. Europe doesn’t get it. Too slow, not understading. too ignorant or just to afraid?

I still don’t get my personalized Service here in Europe.

Europe is not agile at all and still extremely backwards. Life’s not comfortable here and as a consumer I’m just a silly cashcow.

Have a look at this video and especially at 6:55. This lady gets a personal customer experiece by an assistant who does live video chats with her customers.

@7:45 there is a lady standing at the Bund in Shanghai who orders food at McDonads and it is deliverwed directly to here while she is waiting at the promenade.

I want this kind of comfort as well. It’s comfortable, convenient and I give a damn about the fact that they know what I eat.

In Holland all my trips by public transport are saved, because we have one single card for all public transport options nationwide. With my OV Chipkaart (OV is Openbaar (public) Vervoer (Transport) I check in when entering and check out by holding my card in front of a scanner.

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I don’t use cash in Holland. I pay my coffee to go with my EC card.

I don’t pull a ticket to park, I use my license plate number and my EC card and I’m done. Less pape means More sustainable.

In most European contries, and especially in Germany, there’s nothing done, to make life more convenient and more comfortable.

Because the European parliament pees his panties out of fright for the futire and innovation.

When we continue to act like medieval farmers, Europe will be disappearing in forgotteness.

Too much data protection, too much thinking about what could go wrong. Too little entrepreneurship.

Poor sad and silly Europe

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