Parking in Holland is digital

The Netherlands is a small country, compared to Germany. But they are big when it comes to innivation. Although we are small, there’s a high population density.

Amsterdam has only 800.000 inhabitants, but 5.000.000 visitors per year. This creates a parking problem, because the space in the city is quite limited.

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Therefore Amsterdam created a solution. A digital solution, of course 🙂

On July the 1st 2013 parking with license plate was introduced.

If you want to park your car, you don’t need a ticket. You just enter the number of your license plate, insert your credit or debit card and you’re done.

Your car is entitled now (Parkeerrecht → he right to park), to park for the amount of time you booked.

The data are stored for 48 hours anonymously. Only the payments will be kept for statistics

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Scan cars (Dutch: scanauto) drive through the city, to check if all parking cars have the right to be there. The scan information is sent to the NPR (Nederlands Parkeer Register → Dutch Parking Register) to check if the parking lot is booked correctly.

If the payment is okay, the controller gets green light. If there is no payment or the booked time has expired, the controller gets a red light.

In that case there will be a second check by a controller on a e-scooter. During the night, there will be a third check by the NPR.

If a car  owner hasn’t paid or exceeded the time he or she booked, a ticket will be generated and sent automatically by the city of Amsterdam.

Data will be stored for 48 hours, when everything’s fine and will be anonymised. If a ticket is created, the data are saved for 13 weeks (also to give an opportunity to the car owner to complain)

Unfortunately, I couldm’t find an English video, but I’m sure, that the clip is self-explanatory.

Here s short clip from a guy, who shows the new way of paying for parking.

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At Schiphol (Amsterdam’s airport) there’s the first parking area which can be entered by license plate. Have look here (it’s in Dutch but the film is clear to understand)

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Holland is getting more and more “cashless”. Even public transport is paid with a card, which is valsid for the entire country

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And here you can see, how it works. It is extremely easy. But if you have problems, there are always service assistants who are glad to help.

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