It can be assumed that the “classic” shop becomes a source of inspiration. You go shopping by going to a store and looking at the goods offered there, testing and making a purchase decision.

These shops will provide further amenities in the future (for example, a DJ, a coffee bar (Donna Karan has an integrated coffee shop in one of your boutiques in Berlin) to make the stay an experience and event

Salespeople will take on the role of adviser even more, and through customer discussions, additional products and / or services will generate more sales. The service orientation of the consultants must be greater as the demands of new consumers increase.

With increasingly smart payment methods such as fingerprint and face recognition, it will soon be possible to make purchases directly in the local store. If logistics become smart, which is still a problem (especially in Berlin), the service could go so far that the customer comes home, his goods already in a postbox finds.

Thus, the customer has the advantage of touching the products to test and possibly try on (which is only a disadvantage when buying online) and can better decide.

Digital B2B is more important than digital B2C

New developments, in combination with new, more intuitive user interfaces, have become part of everyday life and are completely familiar to us.

Thus, it is a natural evolution that the haptic and de operation is expected not only in private life when buying, booking and communicating.

The same user experience is expected in professional and business life as well. B2B customers increasingly expect that the buying experience in B2B is the same as B2C purchases.

Growth of B2B purchases

73% of experts expect more than 50% of company purchases to be made in online shops in 2020.

Mobile optimization

B2B online shops that are not optimized for mobile devices will be much less used by business customers in the future

Orientation to B2C shops

The requirements for a B2B shop are increasingly geared to the functionality, comfort and service of B2C shops.

Functionalities B2B-Online-Shop

After the price, availability, delivery time, payment methods, search and filter functions are crucial for B2B online shopping

Analysis of customer data

The evaluation of the customer behavior and the click paths does not only play a decisive role in the B2C.

You can only analyze which services a user invokes and where their interest breaks off using a tracking tool. By systematically recording the customer journey, B2B companies get to know their target group better and can optimally cover their wishes and interests.

Show presence on the social web

Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are not just for B2C commerce – on the contrary, social media is becoming increasingly important in B2B. Image education and direct exchange with the target group can be realized and controlled via the networks.

Recommendations from enthusiastic customers who positively report on the added value of your solutions will pay directly to your image account. The TWT partner Trusted Shops provides a current feature for this purpose.

With the so-called Review Sticker, retailers and website owners can insert customer reviews and comments on their own page. Thus, the valuable user-generated content is also visible to search engines.

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