Who’s Rob


I was born and raised in the Netherlands, I have travelled a lot and lived and worked in quite some countries like Switzerland, The United Kingdom, France, Italy and China.

I have been working as a banqueting (event) manager in five-star deluxe hotels and luxury restaurants (2 to 3 stars Guide Michelin and 18-19,5 of 20 Gault Millau points) and in Germany I have been educated as a User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) consultant.

Since my youth, I have been working in the service industry (due to my family which were all entrepreneurs in the fashion industry with several boutiques) and I developed a strong empathy for the needs of customers and colleagues.

This sensitivity, for what customers want and need, grew stronger during my years as an eventmanager.

In our age of digitalization, this sensitivity has become of utmost importance, for the needs and expectations of customers are rising. Personalized customer service, customer journey and customer experience are also “makeable” in a digital environment.

For me, digitalization and all the new possibilities that comes with it, are very exciting. And the challenge, to make our digital world a pleasant one for all humans and therefore also all customers (may it be in B2B or B2C), is a challenge I really would like to go for.

After all we’re all humans with our feelings, needs and demands and so it’s important to make this world a better one with the help of digital tools.

On this website, I will write about the several new fields which are to explore, but other interesting subjects, concerning digitalization, will find a place on this site as well.

One of my main personal interests is communication and I attend different Meetups in Berlin to discover new methods tp improve my skills on this field. I’m also a member of the Berlin Toast Masters Group in which we explore subjects like speaking in public. A clear, transpaent, respectful and empathic way of communication is the base of a good togetherness in which people feel safe, respected and appreciated.

If you are interested, to contact me, please feel free to use one of the options in the bar at the bottom of the website.

I’m looking forward to hear/read from you!

Best of regards,


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