Who’s Rob


I am a Dutch guy, living and loving in Berlin.

I have travelled a lot and lived and worked in quite some countries like Switzerland, The United Kingdom, France, Italy and China.

I have been working as an baquetting (event) manager in five star deluxe hotels and luxury restaurants (2 to 3 stars Guide Michelin and 18-19,5 of 20 Gault Millau points).

In Germany I have been educated as consultant for User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) and I have been in several web projects (mainly ecommerce).

My interest has been expanded by the exciting digitalization, with focus on ecommerce, the changing expectations and demands of consumers in online B2C and B2B and the future of the physical offline commerce due to the rising popularity of virtual commerce.

But other interesting subjects, concerning digitalization, will find a place on this site as well.

Like news about the digital evolution in the Netherlands. My home country is, together with Danemark, Sweden and Norway, one of the pioneers in this matter and that makes me a proud man 😉

At the moment I’m attending a six-month course, to become a certified Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Please feel free to contact me, by choosing an option from the bar below.

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Looking forward to hear or read from you.